Chilled cucumber velouté with shrimps and Tartare

4 people


150 g of Tartare
80 g of pink shrimp
1 spoonful of red lumpfish eggs (optional)
2 cucumbers
2 spoonfuls of lime juice
2 yogurts


Peel the 2 cucumbers.

Roughly chop one of them and place in the blender. Do the same with half of the second cucumber.

Cut lengthwise the second half and remove the seeds. Place the seeds in the blender with the rest of the cucumber.

Dice the seedless pieces of cucumber and put to one side. Add the yogurt, lime juice, parsley and two thirds of the Tartare in the blender.

Also add 10cl of cold water and some pepper. Blend for two minutes until you get a creamy texture.

Pour the cream of cucumber into small bowls. Shell the shrimp and cut into little pieces.

Add them to the mix together with the cucumber dices and lumpfish eggs. Keep chilled until serving. Just before serving, add the rest of the Tartare.

Recommendation: the ideal thing is to chill this velouté for at least 1 hour. If it is not sufficiently chilled mix with it some ice before adding the rest of Tartare. To save time use shelled shrimps, ready-to-use lemon juice and frozen parsley.